Welcome to the Mineresort rules page. Please read all the rules carefully!

General forum rules

  • Spamming the forum or chat is not allowed
  • No advertising
  • Swearing is forbidden
  • You are only allowed to add topics or comments in English
  • Topics and requests should be placed in the category (including unban requests)

General ingame rules

  • Always listen to the staff members!
  • Swearing, (including sexual), spamming, advertising and using unnecessary caps in the chat is not allowed
  • Don't use any kind of hack, client, glitch, bug or modification that gives you an advantage over other players
  • Griefing and stealing are not allowed in the main world, only in the PVP world
  • Don't ask a staff member for a higher rank, OP, items, unbanning of a friend or creative
  • Building/creating and leaving 1x1 towers and floating trees behind is not allowed
  • You are not allowed to use TNT, lava and any other item that might harm the server
  • When given creative by a staff member to help, don't spawn items for yourself or others
  • Language spoken on the server is English
  • Tp-killing is never allowed, neither is combat logging

Extra rules for donators

  • A nametag/nickname still needs to show who you are. It cannot contain unwanted words (swearing, racism, sexual, and so on)
  • In the creative world you can almost build anything you want in your own plot. Make good use of the full plot, so not placing two blocks then leave it. Leave a sign saying its yours
  • Do not tp anyone who is not a donator to the creative world
  • Don't use mobdisguise in the pvp, event and survivalgames worlds
  • The no spawning for yourself and others in creative mode rule also counts for Donators!!
  • Kicking is only allowed with a valid reason, this reason also needs to be included in the command eg. /kick lastres0rt swearing in chat

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